Success Story

“She walks even better now than she did before she got sick and had surgery,” said Ms. Gaines daughter. “Thank you to all the great therapists who helped my mom!”

When Ms. Karin Gaines came to Spanish Hills Wellness Suites in September 2022, she was totally dependent with her self-care, mobility and was unable to walk or dress herself. For the first few weeks most of her therapy sessions took place in her room at bedside due to her loss of strength and decondition. Over the next couple of months, Ms. Gaines continue to work hard with her therapy team and with consistent progress she developed more motivation and self-determination to reach her prior level of function with all mobility and self-care tasks. She is now able to transfer on her own, walk over 150ft with a walker, dress herself and complete her selfcare routine independently. She has successfully achieved all her therapy goals and is excited to be able to safely return home.