Success Story

“Therapy exceeded my expectations and I’m very happy especially now that I’m able to return home.”

Ms. Coleman came to Spanish Hills Wellness Suites after a hospitalization left her physically weakened and dependent on caregivers for daily activities.  Upon admission, Ms. Coleman needed staff assistance to perform basic tasks, including getting in and out of bed, transfers, dressing, and wheelchair bound for mobility.

Driven by her determination to regain her independence, Ms. Coleman dedicated herself to her rehabilitation journey, working closely with the therapy team on a personalized treatment plan.

We are excited to share that Ms. Coleman’s hard work paid off significantly. She has not only regained her mobility but has exceeded expectations.  She is now walking over 150 feet with a rolling walker, managing transfers and bed mobility without assistance, and is completing all activities of daily living independently.

We are delighted to announce Ms. Coleman has successfully returned home, a testament to both her unwavering commitment and the remarkable care delivered by the team at Spanish Hills.